Ray B. has provided his professional chauffeur services to Limousine Connection for over 4 years. He is a veteran of the limousine industry and enjoys going above and beyond for his passengers as you will see in my interview with him.

LC:  Why do you enjoy working for Limousine Connection?

Ray:  The cars always clean and you don’t have to worry about gas or the car being in good shape. I like the clients that we have.

LC: What makes you a great Chauffeur?

Ray:  Being a driving instructor taught me a lot of things about driving and also teaching people how to drive. I don’t know everything but I can tell you that I do know about 90% of L.A. and know how to get around.
LC:  Who is a Limousine Connection VIP client?

Ray:  All my clients have special attention.  I treat all of my passengers like VIPs. I don’t think that any one of them is better than any other.  I think if somebody is paying for a service you should give a 100%.

If you would like to request Ray or any other of our professional chauffeurs to drive you around the Greater Los Angeles area or Santa Clarita Valley,  Call us 24 hours a day at 800-266-5466.