It would seem there is no stopping transportation apps from disrupting how the public has come to move from Point A to B. However, as convenient transportation services are, limousine services still come out better for LAX ground transportation purposes. Here are three ways limousine services stand out compared to transportation apps:

1. Chauffeurs are courteous and impeccably dressed 

Dressing well is dressing to impress, and this is no different in the limousine services business. The riding public are becoming more discerning about their riding experiences, thus a courteous and impeccably dressed chauffeur can make the biggest difference. Passengers are likely to be feeling tired when they arrive at LAX, so ground transportation professionals ensure they do everything possible for a pleasant trip – this means picking up passengers with their best foot forward, literally and figuratively. How the chauffeur is dressed may seem secondary to how well he drives but dressing is well part of the job, no matter if he is driving VIPs, executives, or regular folks. Therefore, passengers who are looking to squeeze the best experience for their money are better off with limousine services – they’ve been at this business for far too long than transportation apps.

2. Chauffeurs are trained in ensuring passengers’ safety

Aside from their manners and impeccable appearance, chauffeurs are also trained in passengers’ safety. Unlike transportation apps which helped give birth to what is known as the gig economy, chauffeurs from limousine services are not hassled by time and making as many trips as possible to earn money. They are not constrained to keep pace and hustle like other drivers in the gig economy. Instead, they have the luxury to make passengers’ safety their utmost priority, which can only mean good things for the riding public.

3. Fleet of vehicles are professionally cleaned and maintained regularly 

Lastly, the fleet of vehicles of limousine services are professionally cleaned and maintained regularly. It’s no secret that limousine services are often viewed with a premium and thus, it is only fitting that their fleet of vehicles reflect this value. Like how drivers may operate hastily within the gig economy, limousine services, on their part, understand that the journey is the destination – the minute passengers are picked up from LAX, the ground transportation experience provided by limousine services would have already begun, and chauffeurs will go the extra mile to provide the public a memorable riding experience.

In the end, passengers may ultimately have to try both types of transportation services for themselves to see how LAX ground transportation services provided by limousine services are better. VIPs and corporate executives may need less convincing why they are better off with limousine services but this is where regular folks are given an equal opportunity to take their riding experiences a notch higher – riding a limousine is no longer limited to those in need of its appearances; the entire riding experience is the new standard the public should always look for as it is what they deserve.